Why I Don’t Grade Homework

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2 Responses

  1. Sabine Moses says:

    About how much homework do you assign per night? I tried to solve the homework dilemma by assigning a sheet per week, but students still won't do it! I just struggle with how much to assign per night and how to deliver the assignment (handouts, posting on website, kids copy in notebook, etc.). I work in a high poverty school with limited internet access.

    I love your idea and would love to try it!

  2. Surya C. says:

    The amount I assign varies by grade and level. So, my struggling freshmen don't get as much as my merit juniors. I usually do either problems from the book or a worksheet because internet is spotty in our area, so you can't assume students can access it at home. Freshmen I try to keep it to 15 problems or so. I might pick specific numbers to cover all the skills without giving them a lot. The older students I would give more, but I also give them time to start in class in case they have questions getting going. Good luck!

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