How to Cut Down on Your Grading Pile AND Get Your Students to Care About Their Test Grades

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2 Responses

  1. Dawn says:

    Thank you for this. I wouldn't even have thought of having kids grade each other's quizzes but you had me at this line:

    "Since they had just done the work, they could remember their thinking for most problems and see their mistakes, where as before they had forgotten what they were thinking when they did #11."

  2. Surya C. says:

    Glad to help. Just to be clear, though, I let students grade their OWN quizzes. I think it helps them to look at their own work as we go over the problems and I don't think it's always good to have students seeing other's work…embarrassment over bad grades, etc. I also think it creates an atmosphere of mutual respect between us. T hey are always surprised at first, but I think they appreciate me putting my trust in them.

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